Lolita Tea Party

Lolita Tea Party

First Annual Miryokucon Lolita Tea Party

Hosted by Mythril Arts and Violette Verse

For $35 (in addition to your badge price), immerse yourself in a full afternoon tea experience! Think Bridgerton but Lolita style.

Enjoy a menu of thinly-sliced bread and butter, delicate cucumber, egg and watercress sandwiches, Battenberg cake, Victoria sponge cake with clotted cream, scones with jam, fruit and, of course, delicious hot tea.

While you're immersing yourself in the experience, you will have several opportunities to win cool prizes by participating in our table games. Come dressed to impress for a chance to be our 1st Miryoku-Lolita of the year!

Lastly, this event will feature a performance by Pixel Pop Maid Cafe, Miryokucon's Maid Cafe hosts!

Admission can be purchased here.