Volunteer Information

Volunteer perks for Miryokucon 2023 include:

  • Complimentary Badge (You must work minimum of 12 hours)
  • Access to the Staff Lounge with snacks, drinks, and light meals.
  • Volunteer Shirt

These are the basic things provided to all volunteers. Changes to volunteer perks will be announced ahead of time to the staff mailing list.

Our current Volunteer needs:

Con Operations

  • Convention Greeters

Executive Office

  • Help Desk Attendant 


  • Panel Room Team Lead
  • Panel Room Attendants

Public Safety

  • Public Safety Aides


  • Registration Agents

Staff Services

  • Staff Lounge Assistants


Please fill out the short application below. If you have any questions, please email volunteers@miryokucon.com.

Please enter your legal name as it appears on your Government Issued ID. First & Last Name, please.
How would you like people to address you? As in, if someone says, "Hey, ________, can you please come here and help me?" What do you want them to say to you?
Please provide a phone number that we can reach you at.
If you answered "yes" to any of the 3 questions above, please elaborate! If there are any other Convention departments you've volunteered for, please list them here!
Examples: Bulletin board, social media post, friend/family member, Miryokucon staff member.
Miryokucon is Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1st. We will also need help on Thursday the 28th. Please let us know when you can help!
We will try to get you the size that you indicate.
Please let us know which food/medical allergies that you have.
By clicking the box, I agree that I have read and understand the Volunteer Policies and accept these policies. *