Exploding on the scene in the fall of 2015, mixing elements of metal, rock, pop and others, Thrillkiller delivers a viciously unique style of music. With the launch of their debut EP, Time, in January of 2016, followed by their totally fan funded debut release Showdown in summer of 2016, Thrillkiller are currently supporting their third release, San Francisco Moto, released in June of 2018.

Quick Save

As Baltimore's freshest video game band, Quick Save is here to deliver games, grooves and good vibes directly to you. These nerds had already been jamming together for a while, and in 2021 decided to form Quick Save! Their unique blend of screaming guitars, thick bass lines, a surprising amount of synthesizer - all with a horn line in the mix - means they can provide you with the most funked-up renditions of your favorite video game tunes possible. From nostalgic classics to newfound favorites, there's something for everyone at their shows.

DJ Taylor Senpai

Chris Cardwell, better known by his stage name DJ TaylorSenpai, started his professional DJ career in the year 2010. Chris developed an ear for music at a young age. DjTaylorSenpai has established himself to be a very innovative and determined DJ playing genres of music from hip/hop, soca, anime opening songs, go-go, more. DjTaylorsenpai learned the importance of versatility and being able to cater to any crowd. DjTaylorsenpai has performed at major conventions, events and afterparties solo and alongside SonicBoomBox.