Chiki Cosplay Guest Judge

Chiki Cosplay

Meet Chiki, a North Carolina based cosplayer. Her work focuses on clean craftsmanship with a habit of going a bit overboard with trim and details. Chiki's personal motto for costuming: "if you think it's too much, add more." She works full-time as a portrait photographer but when she's not at work Chiki loves creating new costumes, using them for charity work and judging costume contests at conventions.

Chiki Cosplay developed her sewing expertise under the tutelage of head costume designers for operas and professional theatres. Chiki Cosplay excels in craftsmanship, never shying away from any costume which requires minute detailing or difficult techniques. She has won a multitude of awards, including several best in show for construction and masquerade skits.

Chiki Cosplay has now found a calling as a judge and contest coordinator, judging craftsmanship at conventions all over the east coast. She has been a featured judge at Animazement, Katsucon, Otakon, TsubasaCon and Nashicon and is the current cosplay director for NekoCon. In addition to judging and contest coordinating, she makes appearances as a cosplay guest and panelist, sharing her wealth of costuming knowledge as well as her other passions like Disney and Fallout. When not working at conventions, she focuses on her photography career, escapes home to the Appalachian mountains as much as possible, and is on the board of the community service organization: CausePlay Carolinas.

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