Maki Roll

Maki Roll (She/her) , is an award winning performance artist, event coordinator and pop culture entrepreneur. The Washington DC native started her creative journey in 2010  as a cosplayer and nerdlesque performer, and soon branched out to guesting, hosting and curating programming for conventions and nerdy events. Maki combines her geekiness and self taught artistic skill to build innovative performance and visual art experiences across mediums. She has been featured by NPR, MTV, ESPN’s The Undefeated, Crunchyroll, and The Mary Sue.

She is the current Executive Producer and Owner of the historic International Nerdlesque Festival, and producer of DC Braulesque, a monthly Nerdlesque brewery experience at DC Brau.  She can be reached at her site, her twitter (, Facebook (, Instagram (, Twitch ( or TikTok (


Destiny is a location and green screen photographer. She has been doing professional photography since 2015. Since receiving her first professional camera she has wanted nothing more than to show everyone the beautiful world she sees through her lens.

Tranquil Ashes

Tranquil is a multi-talented artist who has distinguished herself as a makeup artist, bodypainter, organizer, and cosplayer who specializes in both sewing and armor builds. She brings a unique set of skills and experiences from growing up in Baltimore to spending several years in Japan.

Join us con weekend, September 29th to October 1st and enjoy the MC talents of Tranquil Ashes at Opening Ceremony, Cosplay Variety Show and Closing Ceremony.

Melpool Cosplay Guest Judge

Melpool Cosplay

Mel is a cosplayer, content creator, gamer, and esports caster from the Washington DC Metro Area. He has been cosplaying for over 10 years and is known for big armor builds and foam and 3D-printed props. He has cosplayed from various anime, comic, and video gaming series such as Halo, Mass Effect, DC Comics, and Nintendo. Mel has recently expanded his cosplay skills to include sewing, electronics, and makeup to create intricate cosplays that incorporate multiple disciplines and skills. He has won awards in several different cosplay contests, and has even won MarioKart tournaments! Mel is excited to share his experience and knowledge with Miryokucon!

Find him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook!

ChibiTifa Guest Judge


ChibiTifa is a cosplayer & seamstress from Maryland who's been in the hobby for over fifteen years. She's made a vast array of costumes and has been a cosplay craftsmanship judge and guest at several conventions all over the country. As part of Team Stellar Rose, she was chosen to represent the US as Team USA 2021 at the World Cosplay Summit.

Chiki Cosplay Guest Judge

Chiki Cosplay

Meet Chiki, a North Carolina based cosplayer. Her work focuses on clean craftsmanship with a habit of going a bit overboard with trim and details. Chiki's personal motto for costuming: "if you think it's too much, add more." She works full-time as a portrait photographer but when she's not at work Chiki loves creating new costumes, using them for charity work and judging costume contests at conventions.